Dead Inside - Rock Bottom



Rock Bottom producer


Artist: Rock Bottom
Single: Dead Inside
Genre: Trance (main stage), Vocal Trance
BPM: 145
Key: C# min


The Essence of Dead Inside
There is almost always a deeper meaning with all my tracks. In this case, it’s about how we are consumed by social media and other channels which can cause huge mental health issues; especially for our younger generations. It just seems so pointless to keep scrolling through content and infinite feeds that appear to be real when most of it is manipulated and fake.
When I came up with the graphic concept for this track I wanted to present something amazingly beautiful that is fading on repeat. That combined with the observer who gets fed by this content over and over. I wanted to show how paralyzing it can be. The girl just sitting on the floor watching the same thing instead of doing something creative or fun.
It’s a vicious spiral and when it’s about consumption at the same time, that you think you have to have to be something you see promoted on your feed, it can only end in disaster.
I wish we could all break away from the flow and affirm your inner self.

Dead Inside (Radio Edit)
Dead Inside (Vocal Mix)
Dead Inside (Instrumental Mix)

Rock Bottom, LINUS BEATSKiP, Linus Christiansson

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